Vocal Work

Phil Croskin spent 1 hour every working college day for 3 years working on his voice. 

Phil won the RADA award for the “Most Improved Voice“ for his year.


I want to be able to speak louder.

I have been told I sound boring

I want to speak with more gravitas.


Every time I speak in public my voice sounds strained.


Yes, these are some of the many questions I am asked.

Solutions are generally found. Usually with clients understanding a little more about how the voice works and, again, practising a few exercises regularly.

Some of these exercises you will do with the specialist and others you will practise on your own. Two years later you are running a marathon!

Again, practise makes perfect.

Remember, you have had your own voice since you were wailing in your cradle but, with time and diligent practise, changes can always be made. These changes are usually never large changes, often subtle but, important all the same.

Often, vocal issues are also tied up with body issues – tension, stiffness, nervousness etc. so a holistic approach is generally the best way forward in most circumstances.

Phil can help you with these issues