Carol Rothwell

Founding Partner at Rothwell Douglas Limited


"Phil has a rare talent. He has a natural ability to engage people, build their trust and encourage them to face their inner vulnerabilities. He is non judgemental, he pushes you to achieve your goals and has brilliant techniques to help expand your comfort zone. Most of all he makes it fun.

I have introduced some of my most important senior level clients to him as their coach with incredible outcomes. All have gone on to do bigger and greater roles "

Susan Kaye

MD  The Challenge of Excellence, Mediator & Counsellor​

"Phil worked for The Challenge of Excellence over a 2-3 year period.  His role and skills as a coach and mentor included working with hundreds of  people on their professional presentation skills.  Many of these young people have now started up their own businesses with the confidence they gained from Phil’s input.”

Professor S Olesker

Head of Media Studies & Creative Sciences,

University of Portsmouth


“I first invited Phil Croskin to work here six years ago. I was immediately impressed by his professionalism, skill, patience, sensitivity, adaptability and good humour. Here was a natural teacher who knew how to get the best out of his clients who differed widely in terms of confidence and ability. They felt relaxed in his sessions primarily because they felt they could trust him.


Phil has ably demonstrated that his approach can have a positive impact on both individuals and groups. People come away from his sessions reinvigorated and ‘reconnected’ to colleagues – and also to themselves. I strongly recommend him to any organisation.

Paddy Bergin
NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Motivational Coach

I have known Phil Croskin for over 25 years both as a friend and work colleague. I worked with Phil in a training capacity in the City of London with a team of Project Managers in the construction industry. I have always found Phil to be reliable, creative and good team player and leader in a variety of different contexts.

Steve Ripley
Leading Edge Consultants

“Phil gave us an ideal, physical after-lunch session (i.e. no opportunity to nod off!). He elaborated on the concept of providing groups and individuals with metaphors through which a different understanding of issues and impacting factors might be gained.


Using physical metaphors, Phil managed to successfully bridge the gap between drama-based training and more conventional group work. Through a number of basic ideas (like ‘stock characters’ in acting) we were able to explore issues of trust, power, strength, vulnerability, flexibility, cohesion and team-ness.


I personally felt able to use these ideas as a way of exploring issues in senior teams (in particular) without having to worry about being in territory normally reserved for skilled actors".