Whether you like Theresa May or not, what happened to her at the Tory Party Conference, October 2017, collapsing set, coughing fit, P45 heckler – we could not wish on anyone.

How do you prepare for all these eventualities? Well, of course you can’t.

What you can do is to prepare and rehearse the talk, practise some breathing exercises and relax even more. Responding to the unexpected is a tricky.

Stand up comedians can be very good with the unexpected, but even they have to practise. Am sure some of them would have come back to this heckler with some clever comment or remark that would have brought the house down.

On the set of the film “Gladiators”, Ridley Scott was trying to shoot a very difficult, technically complicated scene. In the midst of all this, a very well know American actor was “struggling” with his performance. He was taking an age to get ready before the cameras could roll, keeping about 250 film technicians, actors and Ridley waiting and waiting.

“Give me something Ridley to help me, give me something!”

Ridley Scott waited a moment and then just said “How about you’re P45? ”

Now that is SPONTANEOUS.

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