One to One Executive Coaching

Many executives are expected to be of high standard in different fields – as a team leader, a team player, a financial wizard, a careful planner, a subtle mediator, a shrewd negotiator, a relaxed delegator.

Now of course we can only be an “expert” in certain areas. We are not Galileo but we can move towards it, we can always improve and develop.

Phil Croskin runs a bespoke service for individuals to improve and develop these individual needs.

His area of expertise is in public profiles.

How we come across to others; physically, vocally, emotionally - in meetings, presentations, public speaking etc.

Phil takes a holistic, experiential approach which has had a long term impact on all the clients he has worked with.


Most of what we do we have learnt through practise.


Remember when you learnt to walk? 

Of course you don’t. But you do know you practised and practised. Now you don’t even think about it!

So Phil’s approach is, clarifying exactly what the clients real needs are; designing a specific, agreed, time framed programme and, with guidance, practise, practise and more practise until..... don’t even think about it!



Remember when you learnt to walk? Of course you don’t!