Group Training

Group training is a great way to learn. Working together we can learn from each other as we move towards our shared future goals. It is also a way individuals can improve without always being the centre of attention. Quiet improvement I call it.

​Watching each other and giving positive feedback is a way of learning not only for the speaker but also for the viewer. So the group moves forward together.

Usually presentations and speeches are the biggest concern - body language, vocal issues, structure of a presentations, the shoulds and should nots of talking in front of a group of people.

​Sir John Gielgud, the venerable actor once said about rehearsal:

” It’s alright to be not very good when you practise, you will get better”

​This is very much stepping out of your comfort zone, something we all need to do to develop.

Groups can be any number up to 10 in a class.