Fit'n Ready

Fancy a few days away where you can relax and unwind?

Where you can think straight with no other distractions?

Perhaps a place where there is space for you to breathe deeper and to think quieter?

Would you like to get fitter and having some fun while doing it?

Phil Croskin can provide this place in a fabulous rural location.

In between the mountains and the sea there is an opportunity to stay in a beautiful Victorian Welsh cottage in West Wales.

Actors, musicians ,writers have all stayed here, providing quiet contemplation away from the hustle and bustle of their demanding city lives.

For example:

A well known actor, married with 2 children living in a busy life in Central London has an important film job coming up. He stayed in this retreat for 3 days. Was able to have time to think about his job, learn his lines. Even got fitter by swimming in our local river and cycling on the many trails here.

Phil Croskin supported him by providing comfortable rooms, breakfast and lunch. Assisted with his lines, filmed him and watched on playback. Even provided up to date pictures of this said artist to the publicity office who ‘phoned up while the artist was here.

The actor left fitter, more relaxed, with a bit of a tan and a smile on his face – job done. Well mine was- his was just about to start.

Fit'n Ready, a programme to meet your needs