Vocal Work

Vocal work is an area where so little of us know “how we come across”


When we do hear ourselves, on a video or other device, we perhaps don’t like what we hear

This is normal

So how can one objectively tell what one’s voice is really like?

Well, of course one can’t, not objectively anyway

Many of the clients I meet have had some sort of feedback to how they come across vocally. That’s how they know about it. They have been told by their partner, or their boss or a work colleague

The most famous, in recent memory, of a person who had some vocal work was the late Margaret Thatcher.

If you watch/hear her voice, before she became Prime Minister and then 5 years later, her voice is very very different. After her vocal work some would say she came across a lot more trustworthy and caring. Two qualities all Prime Ministers would dearly love to have

I suspect Theresa May is having some coaching as we speak

We do tend to be influenced by how others speak so it is important that we get it right

Intonation, resonance, support, breathing, dialect, articulation - are just some of the areas that affect how we speak. All of us favour some more than others, some are more empathetic than others to how we communicate

Fact - if you have a Geordie accent you are much more likely to get a job in a call centre than a person from Birmingham …research shows this to be true

We all have preferences but we also all have choices


Vocal work can give you those choices