Story Time



There once was an ambitious, unknown female actor who wanted success. She had bags of talent but no one knew about her. She had been in a few plays in a few obscure locations.

So one day this woman goes to the bank and persuades the bank manger to lend her £2000.00. A challenge in itself.

This actor then goes online and gets details of all the theatrical first nights there will be in the prestigious  London West End  in that particular year; surprisingly 30+.

With most of the money she has borrowed, she purchases the cheapest tickets available (usually in the upper circle) for almost every one of these shows.

She then buys a couple of stylish outfits that look great on her, the rest of the money she keeps for the first nights themselves.

Come the first of the first nights. She is there on her own with all the glamour and glitz around her but, no one knows her or who she is. She is alone there.

Before the show, she goes to the down stairs stalls bar, where all the VIP’s are, smiles at a few famous faces, orders herself an interval drink and then goes back upstairs to watch the show.

After wards home to bed.

2 weeks later she goes through the same routine again, the show being a lot more fun, but again alone. So home to a hot chocolate and bed.

On the 3rd occasion she is collecting her drink in the interval at the bar when next to her she notices the woman she had assisted in the loo with the necklace, smiles and say hello. Pleasantries are exchanged. Later a man comes over to her introducing himself as an actor and like her, is on his own.

So each time she goes to these occasions  she is starting to recognise quite a few faces from  previous first nights and, of course, they her too. The necklace woman turns out to be the wife of a Film Producer so when they next meet she gets a chance to meet both of them together.

Another woman comments on her dress who turns out to be a costume designer who is working on a film the Film Producer is responsible for.

The actor she met earlier, they meet again. He is going to the after show party and invites her along.

From there her social life snow balls and start to meet all sorts of people from within the industry.... actors, props people, PA’s,  writers etc. Through chatting /networking she finds out about shows that are casting and manages to secure interviews.

One of the interviews is for a film which she succeeds in getting. It  turns out the Film Producer, she had met previously, had seen her screen test, remembered how she had assisted his wife with the necklace etc.

By the end of the year 1st nights were not lonely affairs. She had established so many relationships through her networking skills, been invited to more parties and her social life took off and so did her career.

This woman is now a famous actress, living in Los Angeles, married, 2 kids and a wonderful career in films.

Success in networking = Success in business.