Public Speaking
You never get a second chance to make a first impression

Standing up in front of a group of people is relatively straight forward.

If we were asked to talk to a group of people about one of our passions – travelling, astronomy, gardening, football, photography or whatever it was, we would find it reasonably easy.

Why is this?

Because we care about it. We speak from the heart. A knowledge of our subject is extensive so talking about it becomes “second nature”.

Would it not be wonderful if every time we stood up in front of a group of people we felt like this?

Of course the structure of any speech has to have balance and we must prepare and practise, but in the end, it is about our passion for our subject.

If we combine that with a relaxed body and a clear voice then we become outstanding in this field.

Of course there are the other techniques like how I dress, the funny story, the winning smile.....

Phil Croskin will take individuals and groups through this process so every time you speak...people will listen.